Teenage Acne

Teenage Acne treatment

What is happening to my skin?

Up until puberty your sebaceous gland in the skin has never produced any sebum (a type of oil that protects the skin). When your hormones of puberty kick in, so does the start of sebum. You will see an oiliness, blackheads, you may even get red spots that turn into white heads. Your skin may feel rough and lumpy. At this stage the best thing to do is NOT TO PANIC!

Does this sebum cause my spots?

No, the sebum on its own will not cause the spots. Stripping the skin by over washing to remove sebum will not stop spots, if anything it will cause other problems.

What is a white head?

A white head is the sebum oil that is trapped under the skin.

What is a black head?

A black head is the sebum oil trapped in a pore that has been oxidised by the air and consequently turned black. It is NOT black due to dirt.

Can I squeeze my spots?

It is easy to say ‘don’t squeeze’ as we are not the one with the spot on our face. If you are going to squeeze, do this only to the white head that is a couple of days old. Do it at night using clean hands. After squeezing, apply the Dermavidual treatment gel. Only squeeze once as you could make matters worse.

To help prevent the black heads, I recommend use of the skin peeling enzyme two/three times per week.

What should I use to clean my skin?

Gentle cleansing is the order of the day, remember your skin is still young. Over the counter products are too strong for your skin and often cause more problems. There is a simple and easy way to look after your skin so please make an appointment to discuss this with me.

Will my skin get worse?

That is a million dollar question and the answer is we do not know.

What we do know is acne is a hereditary skin condition, so if a relative had problem skin then there is a higher possibility of you getting more than the odd spot. One thing to know is that we cannot STOP SPOTS but when your skin starts to change I can give guidance on helping to prevent it getting worse.

How can I get rid of spots and stop my skin looking this way?

There is so much advertising that promises to cure or help this condition. If there was a cure I would not be writing this page. After 20 years of working with acne skin I have found the best way to help is to educate and manage it. Prevention is better than the cure.

LED Light Therapy and Skin Peel treatments are effective in controlling and improving acne prone skin.

If you suffer with problem skin and are looking to get rid of spots, get rid of blackheads, get rid of whiteheads and get rid of acne, we can help with an effective acne treatment.

We can work together to get you the skin that you are happy with.


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Acne treatment - Before and After:
Acne treatment result man right face
Acne treatment - Before and After:
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