Get it right with Dermaviduals

Dermaviduals is a unique skin care product that can look after the most important part of the skin the outermost layer called the “stratum corneum”. Looking after this layer and restoring the barrier function of the skin Dermaviduals will give amazing results to your skin.

Here are the basics in what Dermaviduals can offer so you can achieve healthy looking uncompromised skin

  • Helps the skin surface by keeping pH acidic normally around 5.5
  • Restores the antimicrobial barrier with a natural UVB filter
  • Dermaviduals contain all the three vital lipids in the right ratio
  • Treatments and procedures using Dermaviduals do not decrease hydration
  • Does not contain petroleum based products
  • Most importantly does not contain emulsifiers. These have side effects and destroy the lipid structures within the permeability barrier
  • Does not contain perfume
  • Does not contain preservatives

More information can be obtained from the web site regarding Dermaviduals and the importance of the Barrier Function of the Skin.