Does chocolate give me spots?

Well let’s look at the science behind this. Spots are produced when the skin becomes over dry and blocked. The pores then create blackheads and whiteheads and this forms a plug so that the oil in the glands cannot reach the surface of the skin. This in turn builds up excessive sebum and an environment where there is no oxygen thus the skin becomes infected and then you get a raised lump known as the spot. Other factors for spots are the increase in testosterone in teenagers which creates more oil production as well as polycystic ovary syndrome, pregnancy and for women with their periods. There are also hereditary factors.

However, back to the question, the other theory is that eating too much fat increases the level of fat in the bloodstream leading to more sebum, OR raising levels of insulin which alters the hormones. My theory is that if your blood is toxic your skin is toxic and the quickest way of eliminating waste is through the largest organ of the body which is the skin. Also believe that anything in excess will have some effect on the entire body, so to me moderation is the key.

There have been numerous studies to look at this theory but nothing is conclusive. So look at your diet and remember we are what we eat.